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If you are looking to sell your jewelry or obtain a loan using your valuable jewelry, diamonds, gold, or Rolex watch as collateral in Sarasota, FL, pawn shops offer an excellent option. Pawning jewelry is a common practice in the city, and there are several reputable pawn shops to choose from.

How Does Pawning Work in Sarasota?

Ensuring Trustworthiness: Choosing the Ideal Pawn Shop in Sarasota

When it comes to selecting a pawn shop in Sarasota, investing time in research and finding a reputable establishment is crucial. Seek out pawn shops with a strong reputation, positive feedback from customers, and proper licensing regulated by the state. Additionally, consider seeking recommendations from friends or family members who have had positive interactions with pawn shops in the area.

One outstanding option to explore is Sarasota Jewelry Pawn, a specialized pawn jewelry shop exclusively dedicated to buying or offering loans against jewelry. What distinguishes them is their focus on accepting high-value luxury jewelry as collateral, setting them apart from conventional pawn shops. Unlike typical pawn shops, Sarasota Jewelry Pawn does not engage in selling items, creating an atmosphere akin to a traditional bank and catering to clients seeking a more upscale and discreet experience. For individuals interested in selling high-value jewelry or securing a loan using their jewelry as collateral, Sarasota Jewelry Pawn is widely recognized as one of the premier pawn jewelry shops in the region.

Secure the Highest Payout in Sarasota for Your Fine Jewelry, Diamonds, & Watches.

Get A Loan Using Your Diamonds

#1 Rolex Equity Lender in Sarasota

Jewelry-Backed Pawn Loans

What Their Clients Are Saying…

“Jordan was really easy to work with, very knowledgeable and great personality….”

John N.

“Jordan’s professionalism and kindness was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend making an appointment with him. From start to finish he provided detailed information regarding my transaction…”


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You can start the process online by filling out their simple online submission form. Tell her about the item you wish to sell or get a loan again and she will reach out promptly with a free, zero-obligation quote.


2033 Main Street, Suite 408
Sarasota, FL 34237


Monday-Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Saturdays: By Appointment Only


Jordan Isaacs
National Director of Funding
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Unlocking Luxury Value: The Jewelry Equity Loan Experience in Sarasota

  1. Step 1: Schedule an appointment with Diamond Banc of Sarasota for a comprehensive evaluation of your jewelry items. During the appointment, their knowledgeable staff will assess your jewelry based on various factors such as material, age, condition, and market demand. Using this information, they will provide you with a loan amount typically based on a percentage of the appraised value of your jewelry.
  2. Step 2: If you agree to the loan terms, you’ll leave your jewelry as collateral with Diamond Banc of Sarasota and receive the loan amount in cash. The loan will typically have a 30-day term, subject to your agreement with the pawn shop. Interest rates for jewelry equity loans at Diamond Banc of Sarasota vary based on the loan amount and term, typically ranging from 5% to 25% per month.
  3. Step 3: Repay the loan at any time during the agreed-upon term or choose to renew the loan by paying the interest and fees. In case you’re unable to repay the loan by the end of the term, Diamond Banc of Sarasota will retain your jewelry, considering the loan fully settled.

Diamond Banc’s Reach in Sarasota & Surrounding Area

Diamond Banc also serves the surrounding towns within a 20-mile radius of Sarasota, including:

  • Bradenton, FL
  • Venice, FL
  • North Port, FL
  • Palmetto, FL
  • Laurel, FL
  • Longboat Key, FL
  • South Bradenton, FL
  • Holmes Beach, FL

Bradenton, FL: Bradenton boasts cultural attractions like the Village of the Arts and the South Florida Museum. Diamond Banc in Sarasota provides a reliable option for those seeking loans backed by their valuable jewelry and luxury watches.

Venice, FL: Venice is known for its charming historic downtown and beautiful beaches. Residents in this area turn to Diamond Banc in Sarasota when they need loans and want to use their high-end jewelry and luxury watches as collateral.

North Port, FL: North Port offers a mix of suburban living and natural beauty, with parks and preserves aplenty. Diamond Banc in Sarasota is a trusted partner for individuals in this region seeking loans using their valuable jewelry and luxury watches.

Palmetto, FL: Palmetto is a quaint waterfront community with a historic district and scenic riverfront parks. Residents here rely on Diamond Banc in Sarasota to assist them in obtaining loans by using their valuable jewelry and luxury watches as collateral.

Laurel, FL: Laurel offers a peaceful, small-town atmosphere with easy access to beaches and outdoor recreation. Those in this area often choose Diamond Banc in Sarasota when they need loans and have valuable jewelry and luxury watches to leverage.

Longboat Key, FL: Longboat Key is known for its upscale resorts, golf courses, and pristine beaches. Diamond Banc in Sarasota is well-regarded for providing loans secured by high-end jewelry and luxury watches, serving as a dependable option for individuals seeking capital.

South Bradenton, FL: South Bradenton offers a mix of residential neighborhoods and commercial areas, with proximity to beaches and cultural attractions. Diamond Banc in Sarasota is a reputable financial institution in this area, offering loan options that allow clients to utilize their high-end jewelry and luxury watches as collateral.

Holmes Beach, FL: Holmes Beach is a charming Gulf-front community with white sandy beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. Residents here trust Diamond Banc in Sarasota to provide loans secured by valuable jewelry and luxury watches, ensuring a reliable source for the capital they need.

Meet Jordan Isaacs

As the National Director of Funding at Diamond Banc’s headquarters in Sarasota, FL, Jordan Isaacs prioritizes providing top-notch client experiences during the assessment of their items for immediate sale or loan services. With excellent communication skills and a talent for prompt and informative follow-up, Jordan’s expertise enables him to offer the highest values, the most competitive rates in the industry, personalized financing options, & exceptional service to each and every client. To start working with Jordan, fill out our simple submission form, give him a call, or schedule an appointment to meet with him in person.

The Clear Choice for Luxury Pawn in Sarasota

When it comes to pawn jewelry loans in the Sarasota area, Diamond Banc stands out as the premier choice. Their profound expertise in luxury fine jewelry items, unwavering commitment to transparency, and exceptional customer service distinguish them from the competition. Whether you’re interested in selling or pawning high-end jewelry and watches, Diamond Banc is the preferred destination.

With a team of seasoned gemologists and appraisers, Diamond Banc guarantees precise and equitable value assessments, ensuring you receive the utmost value for your cherished items. Their welcoming and discreet office setting fosters a comfortable environment, while their innovative “Sell from Home” service adds convenience and preserves confidentiality.


Diamond Banc loaned $37,500 against this 22ctw diamond tennis bracelet.


Diamond Banc paid $28,600 for this 41mm platinum Rolex Day Date.


A client borrowed $8,750 against their 2.13CT round diamond engagement ring.

Not only esteemed in Sarasota, but Diamond Banc’s outstanding service and generous pawn loan values have also established them as a reputable presence in neighboring towns within a 20-mile radius, such as Bradenton, Venice, North Port, Palmetto, Laurel, Longboat Key, South Bradenton, and Holmes Beach.

In essence, Diamond Banc in Sarasota sets the benchmark for luxury pawn shops in the region. Offering unmatched expertise, convenience, and value, they stand as the discerning choice for selling or pawning high-quality jewelry and watches. Forge a trusted partnership with Diamond Banc and unlock the potential of your valuable assets. To explore Diamond Banc’s services or schedule an appointment, interested individuals can reach out directly at (941) 877-5472 or visit their website.

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